I wanted to thank you for allowing me to be involved with The Pink Portrait Project in 2015.  It was an honor to work with these women from many different backgrounds and give them photographs (portraits) they really love and deserve of themselves.  I am passionate about supporting women and helping women have better self esteem.  It is always a joy to share with women how to be photographed better and what to do to make them feel more self-confident in front of any camera – whether being photographed by a family member or a professional.  The visual power that great photographs bring to women is important and very real.  Every woman should have a great photograph of herself, no matter what stage of life they are at. Beautiful portraits will stay in families for generations.  Long after we will all be here on this earth.

When I am photographing these women who have survived breast cancer, I feel empowered by them. Their strength, their suffering, their kindness & compassion come through to me.  I have also felt anger, distrust, sadness and lack of confidence from these women.  But I know that their personal journey with breast cancer causes them many mixed emotions and feelings.  As we all try and survive difficult times, whether is death of a loved one, sickness, divorce, loss of jobs or loss of our favorite pet.... we learn and grow from these painful experiences.  Personal pain allows us to eventually feel joy and compassion for others in similar situations.

I have learned from these strong women. I feel grateful to share my talents with them by giving them many photographs to choose from to make a final selection for their favorite portrait. I hope at the same time, I can empower them to see their inner and outer beauty - no matter what stages of cancer they are in.  Hair or no hair makes no difference to the camera lens. But smiles do make a difference. Smiles add a twinkle to the eyes even when times are really difficult. Through the eyes as women and human beings, we can then see into our souls. I hope that I was able to give these women a few smiles during our photo sessiosn together.  I would love for them to know how much they have given to me, which has made me smile and even cry.  I appreciate each woman who was willing to be photographed and who has dared to put her soul out there for a few minutes.

I am thankful for this opportunity to volunteer and help The Pink Portrait Project.  I know it has been a wonderful opportunity to help, support and give back to all women who are survivors.